Clue: The Musical

Self-initiated project
March–June 2014

Clue: The Musical was the provisional choice for my high school’s fall musical until it was replaced with Next to Normal. Excited and intrigued over the choice, I made various logotypes and promotional markups that could have been used had the show carried through.

Clue presented an interesting challenge because I wanted to separate the show from the board game with a unique identity that presented a sense of mystery and suspense. Early versions of the logo emulated the classic board game logo, but that idea was eschewed for a more poster-cut and rough, grungy feel. It was an interesting thought experiment to contrast the traditionally cartoony style of Clue and its musical with the darker conflict of solving a bloody case of murder.

The idea for the posters was to have a series of six of them, each related to a weapon that is featured in the game and musical. Only two posters were mocked up for the rope and the wrench. The posters were heavily inspired by Saul Bass and featured sharp silhouettes and bright fields of color. To contribute to the air of an unsolved crime, various clever visual substitutions were made, such as a thumbprint for a head, or a maze for a footprint in the logo.