Don Giovanni

For the Stanford Savoyards
February–May 2016

Don Giovanni is a famous Mozart opera, produced by the Stanford Savoyards in conjunction with Stanford Arts. The opera follows the titular licentious nobleman, Don Giovanni, as he stalks the lives of three women and is in turn stalked by the vengeful ghost of a dead father. The Savoyards chose to set the show in the Stanford Mausoleum and invite audience members to wander around the open-air, wooded space, tracing various storylines of grief as dusk turned to dark.

To capture the darkness of the show, I drew inspiration from the atmospheric works of Olly Moss, Dan Danger, and Dan McCarthy, using strong silhouettes and vivid backgrounds to create mood and tension. To refer to the place and format of the show, I made a silhouette of the Mausoleum and a bloody path from ink. The rough silhouette of what is presumably Don Giovanni is both ambiguous and twisted. The trees were hand-drawn using a sign pen, and the logo was hand-inked. The sky was watercolor, and the textures were monoprints with soy ink and, yep, hand soap.

In addition to the poster, collateral was made in the form of postcards, programs, Facebook cover photos and profile pictures (in collaboration with Mia Farinelli and Hector Garcia-Molina), cover photos for the Savoyards’ various social media accounts, a website (with Joshua Spayd), and email flyer GIFs. It was a very ambitious publicity campaign for an equally ambitious show.