Self-initiated project
July–August 2015

When I started creating a D&D campaign for my friends and I to play, I wanted it originally to be set in space. This quickly blew up into me creating a whole universe, with new people, places, items, and rules for gameplay which I called Galactic.

Of course, I enthusiastically designed a graphic identity to capture what I wanted the spirit of the game to be. I took inspiration from old Nintendo and Atari game cartridges for the way they portrayed magical and fantastic universes and captured a generation of gamers. The logo features kanji on the side, referencing a lore point in the game where Earth’s nations had expanded into space and created powerful empires.

The identity expanded beyond the logo and into creating custom character sheets with simplified and streamlined information and flags or badges for the various empires, planets, peoples, and corporations in the galaxy. Galactic is always growing, and it is always fun creating a suite of unique visual elements from my own imagination.