Golden Gate Invitational

For Golden Gate Invitational
January 2016–

Golden Gate Invitational is a student-led initiative to create a national Science Olympiad competition in the Bay Area with the goal of improving and inspiring high school STEM education. I was approached to create a logo for the competition and the student group behind it, as well as draft some promotional materials for the event.

The logo took the form of a stylized Golden Gate Bridge, a symbol of the Bay Area and the competition’s namesake, placed inside an arrowhead pointing up, symbolizing achievement or progress. The orange of the mark is a homage to the international orange of the Golden Gate Bridge and a testament to the inventiveness of the group.

In addition to the logo, I created a series of postcards that promoted the event. The postcards feature a geometric arrangement of illustrations depicting the range of STEM-related fields Golden Gate hopes to represent.