Self-initiated project
November 2015–July 2016

After many months, I’m happy to say the first parts of my personal site are coming up! It’s been a wild and crazy process to get here, with lots of doodles, thoughts, and cobe bits coming together to create the finished thing, and there’s still more to do.

The layout and look of the site were very carefully considered, and branding myself proved to be one of the most difficult parts of the process. It was difficult to pin down what exactly I wanted to portray my own self as, and I struggled with this for months as the project went in and out of hibernation until (many fonts later) I settled on a minimalist framework with my name set unobtrusively in a monospace font. I felt that the blank, almost canvas-like nature of the design would draw intrigue, while also providing a skeleton from which the work would show off more vibrantly, like a tightly-knit quilt or mosaic.

This work-first aesthetic bled over into the layout, with neatly tiled portfolio pages and a two column case study layout that lets you view study, process, and result all at once. While this may be the first of many iterations of a design, it’s a flexible layout and not a bad first start for putting my design-y things on the web :o