Ram’s Head Refresh

For Ram’s Head Theatrical Society
August–September 2016

While contributing to the group effort to update the old Ram’s Head website, I found peculiarities in the Ram’s Head logo that, upon fixing, quickly developed into a larger project to refresh the logo and identity for the organization. The exercise became a study in making intentional, well-researched design choices and being respectful of an already highly-established brand on campus. It was one of the most challenging projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on!

Many of the initial modifications were small alterations to the iconic ram’s head itself to remove jagged bits and make the shape clearer and symmetrical. Changes to the typefaces for the logo reflected a tonal shift for the organization towards a confident warmth and professionalism. The uplift was completely documented and designed with versatility and utility in mind, with multiple digital versions in easy-to-use source files for future designers.

One of the most valuable outcomes of the redesign was the creation of a deeper story around the logo, one that communicates the 100-plus year history of the organization in all of the careful, crafted choices, as well as a modernization of the identity that looks towards a bright future for Ram’s Head.