SLOCo Rebranding

For the Stanford Light Opera Company
June–September 2016

The Stanford Light Opera Company (SLOCo) is the new name of the former Stanford Savoyards, the primary light opera group on campus. SLOCo underwent the rename and restructure to make its purpose unambiguous and refocus the group’s commitment to student opera and student performance, while still maintaining the strong Gilbert and Sullivan community from the historic Savoyards. Working as publicity manager, I had the task of updating the visual image and presence of the group.

SLOCo was a challenging word to brand because many Stanford things used similar acronyms (SoCo, FroSoCo, MixCo, GovCo). The major goals quickly became to create a highly distinctive, versatile new logo that would be highly recognizable following the name change, stand out from other campus theatre groups, and move away from the old Savoyards mark with something more modern, inventive, and inclusive, while still being operatic at the core.

The idea for the solution stemmed from ink drawings of the characters, which resulted in playful arrangements of the letters into larger, ideographic wholes. Refinement led to a shape that read SLOCo but also functioned visually as a singing face. Further rounds of iteration shaped the individual letters to subtly evoke elements of music and performance, such as whole notes in the o’s. I was really satisfied at the whole physical to digital process with multiple rounds of feedback, and the final logo is now being used across print and web media!