SLOCo Website

For the Stanford Light Opera Company
September 2016–February 2017

In addition to doing the redesign for the Stanford Light Opera Company, I also designed their website from the ground up in PHP. It was a nifty project, and I leveraged a few more goodies under the hood, such as HTML and CSS animation with the GreenSock Animation Platform. The logo itself is in SVG format, which makes it look crisp at any resolution, and I was also able to hook into the individual letters of the drawing and animate them.

Designing the website was a fun challenge, and a lot of care was put into establishing the typographical identity and hierarchy of the site—I think this really shines on the season page, where a lot of different information is represented. The navigation was designed to be slick and intuitive, and the drop-down for the current season, complete with dates, was inspired by other layouts I’ve seen online for opera and theater company sites, such as Opera Philadelphia.

Looking forward, I’m interested in making the website more scalable and easier to edit for webmasters. To that end, I’ve been picking up web frameworks such as Laravel and am planning on scaffolding some of my new website projects off of that. The advantage may lie in providing a web interface for adding content, whilst still retaining control over the look and feel of the site, problems I ran into with content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal.

The site is up at