Songs for a New World

For Stanford Department of Music, At The Fountain Theatricals
May 2016

Songs for a New World is a musical conceived by Daisy Prince and with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. The work explores what happens when difficult decisions must be made through several thematically related songs.

The vision for this production of Songs for a New World was that each story could be encapsulated within an object or trinket—one can imagine an attic full of items ripe with stories to tell. These narrative props feature prominently in the staging and in the poster, which is inspired by the idea that each object has a story and that everyone has an object or story they can relate to.

The objects and logo were hand-drawn with sign pen and refined in Inkscape. The colors were chosen to reflect the stage lighting and amber-stained wooden set. The resulting design was adapted across posters, programs, and social media.