SOUNDD Project

For the SOUNDD Project
November 2015–

The Stanford Online UNified Dialect Dictionary (SOUNDD) is an ambitious project aiming to create a crowd-sourced audio-text repository for all Chinese dialects. I had the privilege of working closely with members of the development team to create a unique identity for SOUNDD and develop visual resources that could be used on print or on the web.

As SOUNDD is a developing project, so is its identity. I was intrigued to finding a bright and friendly design that would appeal across cultural borders. I based the logo off of the words/ideas energy, open, free, democratic, crowd-sourced, participatory, academic, and intellectual vitality. In my exploration, I settled upon an abstracted form of a speech bubble, to communicate SOUNDD’s base in accumulating spoken-word information. I chose Cooper Hewitt as the font for the mark for its energetic and inquiring, yet unassuming air. The colors blue and yellow are perceived in China as relating to the ideas of vitality, prestige, and freedom, and they also lend a warmth and openness to the final design.

In addition to the logo, a set of UI icons and a promotional flyer were also drafted for the project.