What You Will Shakespeare

For the What You Will Shakespeare Company
January–March 2016

The What You Will Shakespeare Company is a student theatre company run out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They are a highly focused and creative group devoted to modern re-imaginings and interpretations of Shakespeare and his contemporaries’ works. I approached them with ideas to spruce up their Facebook page, and this soon blossomed into a unified logo and identity they could use across all of their shows and events.

To capture the youthful and energetic nature of the company, now entering its tenth year, I used a brush and ink to create a flowy, jumpy script that was always in motion and never static. Combined with heavy-set text, the resulting logo was bold and adventurous, rearing to burst onto the University theatre scene.

The mark also comes in a condensed, square format which was adapted into social media and signage. The logo was intended to have a strong personality and character of its own, while still playing well with the breadth of themes and topics the company tackled in their shows.

In keeping with their quirky nature, I also created a pop-art background of “little Williams” that could be used in conjunction with the logo, maintaining the high energy and creative spirit of the company.