YAC Turns Twenty

January 2016

The Tinley Park Library Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a youth and teen-led group that evaluates the state of youth and young adult library programming and decides on future library programming and initiatives. I was approached to create a logo and postcard design to be used for their 20th anniversary celebration.

With YAC entering its twentieth year, I was aware that many of its previous members would be older than its current members, and I wanted to create a logo that could appeal across age groups. I settled on the character of a soft-spoken yak who, when a party comes around, loves to wear party hats. I created different sets of party hats for the yak to wear and a swath of colorful balloons attached to its tail.

I stylized the event as “YAC Turns Twenty” and created a wordmark that could accompany the party-ready yak on postcards and social media.