I am a sophomore at Stanford University currently studying computer science. In my spare time I like to jam on the ukulele, read books, or go on reddit. I also love theatre and visual arts, such as painting or graphic design. I split my time between school, personal projects, and working with various campus groups. Watch my demo reel!


I really like design process, analog techniques, and visual storytelling. New projects present new opportunities for research, inspiration, and finding creative solutions (not necessarily in that order). I enjoy the odd routes the creative process can take, and I’m not afraid of trying something new or doing something decidedly different—paper scraps, ink, or paint—all in the pursuit of creating things that can communicate clearly and effectively.



Github: @garrickf

Gitlab: @ggarrickk


This website, and all works under Design and Art, are by Garrick Fernandez, except where mentioned.

This website uses some nifty jQuery plugins, namely Magnific Popup, a lightbox plugin by Dmitry Semenov, and perfect-scrollbar, a scrollbar plugin by Hyunje Alex Jun.

The site was first published July 2016, last update January 2017.

The typefaces used on the site are Space Mono and Source Sans Pro. Both are available on Google Fonts for free!